Structured Expert Judgment

When data are not sufficient, appropriate or simply unavailable, the best approach is to use a rigorous method that objectively evaluates expert opinion. The Classical Model is such method and my research focus, as well as my applications interests are gravitating around the Classical Model.

An online seminar series is hosted at our department. If you are interested to give a talk at the seminar, please feel free to contact me.

I have discussed about my interest in expert judgment with a particular focus on health in a Rising Stars article of Delft Health Initiative, found here.

Over the years, I have been involved in numerous structured expert judgment projects focusing on

  • source attribution of illnesses transmitted by various pathways in the United States (project with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

    • a news item about the research can be found here,

    • the article can be found here

  • source attribution of illnesses transmitted by various pathways in Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Rwanda

  • estimate the water return levels for the Hanumante river in Nepal (the article can be found here)

  • risk quantification of dike failure

  • risk of supply delays during offshore wind farm installation

  • decision-making in early internationalization for a start-up

Are you interested in conducting a structured expert judgment study? Feel free to contact me!