During the time spent at the Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) as a Postdoc, I was introduced to Scientometrics. I am still affiliated to the institute and keep close collaborations with colleagues there.

Nicolas Robinson-Garcia's project about unveiling the ecosystem of science represented and continues to be an important research interest. The project was carried out within a LEaDing Fellows Programme, a Marie Curie co-fund programme, until January 2021. You can read more about the project here. The project has led to research topics that

  • characterize the diversity of researchers' activities

  • characterize how researchers and evaluators value researchers' activities

  • provide a model that quantifies the overall performance of researchers' activities

During the project, we also investigated how the diversity of tasks can be reflected in career patterns and career trajectories.
- The article is can be found here.
- A recent Leiden Madtrics blog reports on this,
- A piece at the London School of Economics Impact Blog and
- A social media article for research professionals discusses the need of diversity of research careers.

I was granted a TU Delft COVID-19 response fund to investigate the efficiency of the scientific communication systems in times of coronavirus. Our team consists of

Our work focuses on the role of scientific output in the social media communcation, as well as on the growth of the COVID-19 scientific output. A book chapter and a conference paper reports on our work.

Our work also covers misinformation, miscommunication and fake news. A blog that uses dashboards as interactive tools can be found here. More details about the project and involvement of colleagues can be found here.