BSc and MSc projects

BSc and MSc students

Over the years, I have been involved in the supervision of numerous MSc projects (including a Multidisciplinary MSc project for Civil Engineering students) and BSc projects. Most of the reports are available on TU Delft repository.

interested in a project?

Are you a MSc or BSc student interested in an exciting project which will increase your data scientist skills and combine theory with stimulating applications. The topics of projects include

  • Structured Expert Judgment

  • Bayesian networks

  • Dependence modelling

  • Risk and uncertainty quantification

Do want to learn more about the projects? Looking forward to discussing more on this with you.

PhD students

I work together with Kailun Zhu and Dorota Kurowicka on theoretical developments for regular vines.

POSTDOC students

Nicolas Robinson-Garcia's worked within the LEaDing Fellows Programme project focused on unveiling diversity of actitivities in the ecosystem of science. The project ended in January 2021, and was a Marie Curie co-fund programme. You can read more about the project here.