I have developed and teach two online courses that focus on the Classical Model for Structured Expert Judgment. Both courses aim to enhance decision making under uncertainty, when data lack or encounter limitations. They are the only available expert judgment online courses.

Decision Making Under Uncertainty:
Introduction to Structured Expert Judgment (MOOC)

This MOOC introduces expert judgment methods, particularly the Classical Model (CM) or Cooke's method, which is arguably the most rigorous method for performing Structured Expert Judgment.

The MOOC is organized in 6 modules, which combine theory with applications in an interactive and engaging manner.

The current edition started on February 25th, 2021, but you can still enroll for free!

Decision Making Under Uncertainty:
APPLYING Structured Expert Judgment

Learn to apply the most rigorous method to support your decision making in the absence of data and under uncertainty. In this course you will be able to gather, assess the performance of and combine expert opinion for your own study.

This advanced course is aimed at professionals who wish to learn all the practical aspects of the CM and perform structured expert judgment in a specific project: from gathering and analyzing expert data, to developing and implementing your own expert elicitation protocol and carry out the analysis and report the findings of the study.

The current edition started on October 28 2020. Dates for the next run will be made available soon.