I consider myself a teaching aficionado. I thrive that my passion for teaching inspire my students and online learners!

For me, learning is one of the most formative experiences a person can encounter. And it is not only the content, but also the motivation and setting of the message and, maybe equally important, the form of the message that decides the degree of formativeness. Whenever possible, I motivate the content with examples to show the students the need of the content in their daily life, but also in their future careers. I believe probability and statistical literacy should be mandatory skills for a better grasp of the world. As for the form of the message, my approach is to engage students in active learning.

Current courses

  • Decision Theory and Expert Judgment (WI4138) - MSc course, responsible lecturer from 2015

  • Decision Theory (AM2510) - BSc course for Applied Mathematics, responsible lecturer from 2016

  • Modelling 2A (AM2050A) - BSc course for Applied Mathematics, lecturer from 2018, responsible teacher from 2021

  • Probabilistic design in Hydraulic Engineering - MSc course at Civil Engineering, guest lecturer from 2016

I also teach two online courses. You can find more information about them here.

Short courses

  • Quantifying uncertainty with structured expert judgment - Uncertainty and Risk Conference, Berlin, Germany, February 2019 (together with Anca Hanea and Victoria Hemming)

MISC lectures and teaching

  • An introduction to the Classical Model - lecture for the Management of Safety, Health and Environment (MoSHE) Postacademisch Onderwijs, TU Delft, The Hague, The Netherlands, October 2019

  • Introduction to the Classical Model for Structured Expert Judgment - lecture for the COST training school, Warsaw University, Poland, March 2016

  • Citation analysis - lecture in the CWTS course “Measuring Science and Research Performance”, Leiden, October 2014

  • Basic and field-normalized indicators - lecture in the CWTS course “Advanced Citation Analysis”, Leiden, March 2015

  • Introduction to Bayesian Networks and UNINET - NASA Langley Institute of National Institute of Aerospace

  • Gymansium math teacher at school nr. 41, Bucharest, 2005-2006

Past courses

  • Probability and Statistics (TI2216M) - BSc course for Computer science, Responsible lecturer from 2016 to 2018

  • Probability and Statistics (WI2180LR-II) - BSc course for Aerospace, lecturer in 2019

  • Linear algebra (WI1403LR) - BSc course for Aerospace, lecturer in 2015

  • Construeren (IO1071) - BSc course for Industrial design, werkcollege in 2015

  • Analyse (WI1400TNW) - BSc course for Physics, lecturer in 2015

  • Calculus (WI1421LR) - BSc course for Aerospace, lecturer in 2015

  • Academische Vaardigheden 2 Empirisch Onderzoeksproject (BK4AC2) - BSc course for Architecture, werkcollege in 2016

  • Modeling and analysis of time-to-event data (WI4220) - MSc course, teaching assistant in 2015


I am happy to see that my overall approach to teaching is well received by students. This is a message received from a student: “I'm very happy about this university as I'm often reminded by wonderful professors like you who don't just push students to focus on the grades and actually get a grasp of why the subject matters and how we can apply it in our fields.”

Tailored courses

Over the years, I have delivered tailored teaching for institutions, companies and professionals to introduce structured expert judgment for quantifying uncertainty and enhanced decision-making, and Bayesian Networks. Are you interested in more information? Please feel free to contact me.